Fighting for Paradise

BALENTES is a controversial 80 min. documentary part exposé, part mystery and part showdown, looking for answers and for those who are responsible for these deaths and this environmental disaster. 

BALENTES  is an inspiring documentary empowering Sardinians on taking action, uniting and taking back their decisional power.


Outreach Event in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. 2015

Outreach Event in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. 2015

Phase One: Building Awareness

To help develop interest in the filming and the documentary itself, we are building a Balentes community using both traditional and social media. Balentes has been featured in major Sardinian newspapers, broadcast on the main Sardinian television channel, and featured both on the Italian radio station RAI 3 and in News Corp Australia’s major news outlet: In collaboration with the award-winner Australian artist Jason Benjamin, an art exhibition inspired by the film, will be held in Sydney this April.  The exhibition Balentes: faces of an ancient soul” aims to inspire Australian audiences to become aware and take action to address Sardinia’s challenges. The artist will donate 10% of proceeds from paintings sold on the exhibition’s night to the film. The documentary’s website feature aspects of the documentary’s filming and production. A series of cultural content on Sardinian traditions, food and history is presented using an interactive map of Sardinia to discover regional points of interest, linking examples of successful sustainable businesses to inspire and provide guidance for other Sardinians with contacts and links to build out 'Balentes' community. The site will feature a forum to facilitate Sardinians to discuss human rights and environmental issues and/or showcase Sardinian accomplishments and innovations. A petition page will be included for people to sign to press the Italian government to remove the military testing zones from Sardinia. The website also provides information about the Balentes mission and offer ways to purchase the DVD of the film or its companion soundtrack. The website also provides information about how people can donate, volunteer and join the emailing list for our newsletter. Furthermore, it will provide tools for individuals and organisations to hold house parties that screen the film, generating discussions and encouraging collective donations to social entrepreneurial projects.

Outreach Event. Sassari, Italy. 2015

Phase Two: Distribution

BALENTES will be submitted to major international film festivals, including two festivals in Sardinia along with a strategic cinema release. A 50 min version will be edited for television broadcasting in European and Australian channels as well as digital distribution though video-on-demand streaming (Neflix, Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, Hulu Plus, etc.) and DVD. Screenings and discussions will be held festivals and universities, and in Sardinia it will aim to assist in finding a common plan for action to change the decisional power between Sardinia and Italy. BALENTES will also tour schools to inspire students to act and to utilise video as a medium to build a better countries. BALENTES will liaise with Sardinian regional bodies to introduce adequate legislations to impose multinational to change their clean up policies. BALENTES will be used as a lobby tool and all its extra material as a guide to instruct local governments on how to implement policies to promote tourism, to facilitate new local business and startups’ initiatives and to address community needs.


Balentes' Inspired Art Exhibition, in collaboration with Australian painter, Jason Benjamin. Potts Point- Sydney, Australia. 2016